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Dan Duncan

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Dan Duncan is the station manager at channel 38. Dan was born in West Plains, MO the 2nd son of a minister. When Dan was the tender age of 6 he made a choice to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and since that time he has served the Lord virtually all his life. Married to Marilyn Miller Duncan, they have a wonderful family that includes 3 daughters and 7 grand-children. 

Upon his graduation from High School and subsequently college, Dan pursued his dream of a career in radio and television broadcasting. He enjoyed a highly successful career in that field for 17 years. 

In 1978 Dan left broadcasting to answer a burning call to ministry and moved to Nashville, TN. The years to come would prove to be fruitful and successful as Dan served the Lord as a youth pastor, evangelist and senior pastor. He has also enjoyed much success in Christian music as a songwriter, producer and recording artist. A 2 time winner of the Male Vocalist of the Year award from the ICGMA, Dan has also received awards for Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Producer of the Year. Finally in 2011 he was honored with the ICGMA Living Legend Award.

Dan has been the manager of Channel 38 since 2007 and in 2008, channel 38 was purchased by Promised Land Ministries/Light the World Ministries. Dan continues to serve as GM.

Realizing the power and influence of television broadcasting, Dan and his wife Marilyn are very passionate about bringing the message of the Gospel to their region by means of television.